How to recover crypto wallet password

Block chain is most secure technology. It allows you to secure your wallet fund more efficiently. Few things you need to be aware when you are creating a Block chain Wallet.

  • 1. Email_ID
  • 2. Email Password
  • 3. Wallet_ID
  • 4. Wallet Password

You are advised to keep the above safe and secure.

Forgotten your block chain wallet password?

If you have forgotten your block chain wallet password, you could be at risk of losing the assets held in your account.

Want to recover the password? We'll guide you to recover it.

If you remember the email id you used to create the wallet, you can request and get all the wallets created with that email id.

Now, you can try all the possible passwords you might have kept for the wallet. It's a tedious task but you may recover your password by this method.

If this way is not working, then you can try your seed phrase that is the recovery phase that was generated when you would have made the wallet. Seed phrase is a unique set of 12 words that can be used to recover your crypto wallet.

Without your password or seed phrase, there isn't much you can do aside from trying to find one of them. The last way left is to contact some companies that offer password recovery services. They will ask for all of your possible passwords and using the software check all combinations to unlock your block chain wallet.

It's vital to do your own research for the companies first and only use trusted services with positive review.

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